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Many in person Amma Group meetings across Australia have been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, Amma groups worldwide are finding ways to help connect with Amma, and each other. These online virtual offerings can play a tremendous role in maintaining personal wellbeing as well as benefitting humanity through the power of collective prayer.

We warmly invite you and your family and friends, wherever you live, to join us online. Please see your local Amma Group newsletter, local Facebook page or sign up to our ongoing local Whatsapp news groups for additional information regarding other local group news and occasional virtual events.



Connect online and enjoy time with Amma live from Amritapuri, in your own home! A rare and unique opportunity for us all worldwide.

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Online Satsangs & virtual events Amma Australia

Senior Disciple Satsangs

Watch videos of spiritual talks by Amma’s senior disciples and subscribe to the Amrita World YouTube Channel.

amrita virtual academy

A new online platform offering unique knowledge, skills and wisdom from initiatives inspired & created by Amma.

ONLINE Silent retreats

In response to the current pandemic and widespread travel restrictions, Amrita Silent Retreats are now available online.

Amrita yoga Online

Amrita Yoga is a holistic approach, focused on Awareness with Heart-centered Intention aiming to transcend physical asana practice.

Vedic Astrology Online Readings

Jyotish Astrology appointments are now offered through an online meeting and consultations are all available in English.


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