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9000km Walk of Love

14 February to 30 April 2021

A 9,000 km charity walk to support Amma’s humanitarian projects.

Inspired by Amma, people all over Europe started a “Walk of Love” last year. Let’s keep the momentum going on the Australian stage of this big love relay! 

For 30 years Amma has come to Australia to give us her embrace, a precious experience that has helped millions of people find peace and serenity. Amma’s programs have also always been an important time to raise donations for Amma’s Embracing the World humanitarian projects. This year due to Covid it is not possible for Amma to travel.

Let’s make sure that the great river of generosity and support continues! Please join us for a charity walk from 14 February to 30 April with the aim to raise funds for Amma’s Embracing the World charities. During the period when we would usually meet Amma in Australia, we can continue to contribute to her mission and thus help those most in need here in Australia and overseas, simply by walking!

“Where there is love, there is no distance.” Amma

The aim is to reach together, the 9000 km distance that separates us from Amma in India. Walking these kilometres together we want to imagine walking the path that leads us to Amma. You will participate independently, but you will not be alone. We’ll be spread out all over Australia, but united to help those most in need. 

You decide the route and total distance you pledge to walk for the duration. It can be short or long, a bushwalk, a beach walk, in the city, around your home, in the garden or wherever you want. There is no defined path. You can participate independently (or with family and friends) but you will not be alone, because thanks to your registration you will be joining an Australia wide community walking to show support for Amma’s humanitarian projects, united to help those in need.

How to Register

Registering is easy!
Step 1: Click the “Register Online” button below and fill out the online form.
Step 2: Donate a registration fee of $25 (plus an additional optional donation) via our secure online event payment system.


Print off a flyer for your walk and to use on social media: click here to download flyer. Use hashtag #9000kmoflove on social media to share your progress and inspiration and remember to tag us (Amma Australia). Or email your photos to us at [email protected]