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IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique ®
~ Amma's Meditation

You may be aware of the beautiful gift of meditation, the IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® that Amma has given us. Training programs are held around the world.

The IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® is a powerful way to reconnect with our real centre, our inner Self, and thereby experience true joy and peace in life. Born out of Amma's Divine inspiration, the Technique, when practiced with dedication, is designed to bring about integration in our lives - an integration of body, mind, intellect and heart; an integration of our True Self with God.

Amma's Meditation - IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique

The Technique consists of few simple Yoga postures & Meditation and some of the benefits are:

Increase range of motion, flexibility, mobility in the muscles, the ligaments, the tendons, cartilage and the joints, stimulation and balance all of the five major Vayus, releasing knots in the nadis, releases extra tension in the cervical spine (neck) and contributes to proper positioning of the spinal column in the trunk. Both sides of the brain are stimulated and balanced. Exercises contain both flexion and extension of the spine.

The earth, due to its gravitational force, pulls our life energy down. This meditation technique re-verses this flow. To move beyond the gravitational force, like the space shuttle, we have to take a big leap. Then only we can move beyond the cycle. From there we will continue moving to greater and greater heights of spiritual consciousness.

When asked about the benefits of this meditation, our beloved Amma said, “Like a rocket launched to another planet, this meditation technique will take the sadhak to higher planes of consciousness and ultimately to final emancipation.” If one practices this meditation daily with shraddha ( attention and loving trust ) bhakti ( devotion ) and faith, such results will come.

This meditation technique is given to seekers free of charge by our beloved Amma. However there may be a minimal charge to cover the cost of hiring the Yoga centre or hall where the training will take place.

Guidelines for Participation

Attendees do not have to be devotees of Amma. There are no strict rules and regulations to learn and practice the IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®. However practitioners must be committed to the practice and fulfil certain basic requirements before they sign up for the course. They are:

To be over 18
Willing to keep confidentiality.

It is absolutely necessary to keep the practice, its various steps, notes and instructions confidential. Under no circumstances should the originality of the practice or its instructions be manipulated or changed. The instructions and the practice should not be disclosed or taught to anyone except by a certified IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® instructor.
To practice 15-20 minutes daily.

This meditation technique can be a powerful vehicle to reconnect us to our real center within and thereby partake in the real joy and peace of life. But unless it is practiced daily one will not be able to experience the full benefits of this sublime meditation.

For more details, please contact a coordinator at your local MA Centre for the course availabilities in each states:

Brisbane: Mekala - (07) 3715 8278
Gold Coast: Carol - (07) 5530 5382
Byron Bay: Praba -  0402 826 428 
Sydney: Dayal - (02) 9590 7935
Canberra: Prashanti - 02 6247 8519
Melbourne: Nava - (03) 9782 9398
Adelaide: Robin - (08) 8271 8006
Perth: Shanthy - (08) 9417 7493





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