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IAM - Integrated
Amrita Meditation Technique®
was born out of Amma’s divine sankalpa (resolve) is an incredible gift and a rare blessing to spiritual seekers.

This meditation will undoubtedly uplift the seeker to greater spiritual heights and experiences.

IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique®
~ Experiences from Perth

It was with great anticipation that my partner Janet and I attended the last IAM meditation course held in Perth and run by Shanthy Jeraraj. We werent sure what to expect, but from the beginning Shanthi had us enthralled with the subject matter, and with tales of her experiences with Amma (which are astounding).

The course material was easy to learn as Shanthy paced it out so that we had plenty of time to practice and review what we were learning. As the weekend progressed, we got to know the other course participants and felt a common bond in our mutual love and respect for Amma. The weekend was a blissful experience.

We believe that regular practice of the meditation technique we learned will speed our progress on our chosen spiritual path We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn this technique and were so inspired, we have made a pact to commit to daily practice. Shanty showed us that this is possible.

Tony and Janet

I enthusiastically encourage everyone who has done the IAM Meditation course to do a refresher.  Here is my reason why I say this.

I had been diligently practicing the meditation every morning and was gaining so much benefit from it.  Then life presented some major changes – a death of a beloved, travel through India for three months and then relocation from South Australia to West Australia.  The meditation sustained me through all the accompanying mental, emotional and physical challenges.  However, and most unwisely, I gradually stopped doing the meditation and by the time we settled into our new lives I was very aware of the loss of that which had helped me so much to stay centered.  So I decided to contact Shanthy who had been my teacher and she informed me that she was to run another course in Perth very soon.

The weekend brought me much joy and also surprises.  Shanthy was her usual wonderful loving joyful self, teaching Amma’s IAM meditation with great enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to ensuring we got it right.  I was surprised and a little dismayed to find that somewhere along the way I had altered the process in small but significant ways.  It was so good to come back and correct those mistakes, because I realized that even though the changes were small, they made a big difference to the overall resulting feelings and to the depth of the experience. 

Another realization was that at the first course, my mind was very much engaged in getting it all learned, understood and at least partially remembered.  At the refresher, the mind was relaxed and I found that I could immerse myself much more deeply into the experience of it.

It has been three days since the IAM weekend course and I am enjoying it at a much deeper level than before.  I offer this metaphor as a way of communicating just what it has meant for me. At the first course I had been given a beautiful, powerful and clear stone that I loved and used with respect only to find out at the second course that what I thought was a crystal was actually a diamond.  I now begin to see deeper into it’s multi-faceted potential for healing and growth, I begin to recognize it’s true inner beauty and I see now just how powerful it can be when used as it should be.

So again, I do encourage you to repeat the course, it will serve you well.  It is also a lot of fun to share sacred space again with like spirited souls. 

Thank you Amma.
Love and blessings to all living beings
Sa Silvano

I attended the IAM meditation course on the invitation of my brother. I am a non devotee and accepted because I have always wanted to learn how to meditate properly.  I didn’t know what to expect and turned up with an open mind.

I met various friendly people gathered at the entrance of the classroom all of whom seemed very humble and friendly that greeted me with affection.  It was after I helped set up the room that I discovered one of these humble creatures was the “Great Shanthy”.

I refer to her as the “Great Shanthy” because after a short while I got to realise the magnificence of her presence.  At the first break she explained that the initial prayers to Amma were required because this meditation technique was given as a gift to humanity by Amma and that she (Shanthy) is nothing and that she had to ask Amma to work through her in order to deliver the course properly.  She tried to get me to agree that she was “nothing” to which I politely disagreed and this is partly why I refer to her as the “Great Shanthy”.

The first day was a pure delight.  It was like yoga and pilates at a no stress snails pace.  A bit like the feeling of Tai Chi except that it was much easier to learn and profoundly more peaceful.  We were provided with pictures of the various activities which I have subsequently found useful to remember the correct order.  A part that impressed me was the explanation of the benefits for each of the moves and in particular the potential for this technique to heal or “lessen the impact” of health disorders.  I hadn’t expected this benefit and for no particular reason simply believe it to be true.

Shanthy ran the course at a very peaceful pace.  She shared accounts of many amazing and intriguing experiences of her life with us that not only made the two days very interesting but left me with a feeling that what we were learning was very serious and important stuff that I will always treat with reverence.

I was eager to see what the second day had in stall for us, and as it turned out was completely different to the first.  This instruction was more like “meditation” than the first day, however it was unlike any other meditation technique I’d head of.  I’d tried other techniques before and didn’t persist with them because I found it difficult to simply “still” the mind.  This technique involves a range of very specific mental activities.  Normally I’d put my own valued judgement on any such things and decide if they were worthwhile for me.  But in this case I have two things to say about this system: Firstly it’s straight forward and I can do it no problem, and secondly it’s been designed by Amma herself and since I’ve had the privilege of meeting her I have no reason to believe that it would be anything but perfect.

I’ve been practicing the technique for a couple of weeks now and can say that I generally feel better.  I don’t feel as stressed, stressful situations don’t feel anywhere near as bad and I find I’m in a good mood most of the time.  Suffice to conclude that I feel happier.

Aside from the outcomes of practicing the technique, attending the course is a pure delight in itself.  After attending the first day of the course I felt like I’d been on holidays for a couple of weeks.  After the second day I felt like I’d been on leave for a month.  My stress levels have stayed down and I attribute that to practicing the technique.  Having said all that, I also need to mention there is some effort involved.  I get out of bed ¾ of an hour earlier to meditate before starting the day.  I would have to say the benefits far outweigh the effort involved.

The fact that there is a spiritual side to this meditation is an added bonus for me since I believe that spiritual pursuits are a major component to finding true peace and happiness.  I feel privileged to have stumbled across one of life’s jewels.  I am so grateful to my Brother, the Great Shanthy and of course Amma.

George Formentin

For more details, please contact an instructor for the IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® or get in touch with a coordinator at your local MA Centre for the course availabilities in each states.




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