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IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique ®

~ Experiences
from Participants in Adelaide

"From the first intonations of the prayer of invocation by Shanti Deva on Saturday morning we could sense the atmosphere being permeated with Amma’s subtle spiritual energy. When the meditation portions of the technique were taught, it felt as if the aura of the room became saturated with Amma’s shakti which filled us with heightened consciousness. It was clear that Amma herself stood behind the meditation and was using it as a medium to transmit Her spiritual power." John & Christa, Adelaide.

"Every now and again, Shanti (our instructor) would recount her personal experiences and miracles with Amma, so as to make the session more interesting. She made it a point to stress the fact that all her experiences with Amma were true at which point a petal from the flower from Amma’s picture fell – as witnessed by a few present that day. Devotees who have had the privilege of ‘special personal experiences’ know full well the significance of it and also are aware that it was no coincidence!" N. Bavani, Adelaide.

"Approximately 30 people from different walks of life were inspired to come together and meet at this auspicious and life enhancing junction. Those that accepted the opportunity to take part in this weekend training course were not disappointed.

To begin each day Shanthy chanted the 108 names of Amma and carried out Patha Puja to invoke Amma’s energy. Prayers and offerings were made and all rituals were explained. Shanthy’s explanation of these proceedings was especially helpful to those present who are not devotees of Amma.

With Amma’s energy permeating our experience, day one began with Shanthy sharing some of her personal stories relating to her family and her initial encounters with Amma. These personal accounts, as well as various other experiences that Shanthy shared with us over the weekend, served well to introduce Amma to the non-devotees and provided soul stirring anecdote for all present." Rob, Adelaide.

For more details, please contact an instructor for the IAM Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® or get in touch with a coordinator at your local MA Centre for the course availabilities in each states.



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