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Complaints Procedure
MA Centre Complaints Procedure

Any person wishing to lodge a formal complaint for investigation by the M.A. Centre should direct their complaint to the National Coordinators in writing at

  • Complaints must be in writing and identify the complainant
  • Provide sufficient details about the time, place and circumstances of the complaint; 
  • Explain the effect of the behaviour on the complainant

A formal complaint should only be lodged in regard to behaviour that is deemed violent, abusive, threatening or grossly offensive or that could be deemed to constitute bullying or harassment, including sexual harassment,

The M.A. Centre Complaints Procedure does not prevent or discourage any complainant from pursuing independent legal or other action including reporting the alleged offence to the Police.

  • The M.A. Centre Complaints Procedure operates as follows:  All complaints will be acknowledged within 14 days
  • A preliminary investigation of the complaint will occur, this may require the complainant to answer questions and provide more details
  • If the complaint is deemed serious and appears to be substantiated by evidence or witnesses it will be referred to the Directors
  • The Directors may request a more formal complaint investigation and resolution process be undertaken, this should occur within 28 days of receipt of the complaint
  • The complainant will be advised of the outcome of the complaint including any agreed resolution measures
  • Appropriate confidentiality will be displayed at all times to protect the privacy of all parties.



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