Shraddhamrita Tour
Br. Shraddhamrita Chaitanya Tour: MAY-JULY 2017

Shraddhamrita Tour – 2017 Programs

Brahmachari Shraddhamrita Chaitanya Australia Tour: 1 MAY – 2 JULY 2017

Amma has asked one of her senior disciples, Brahmachari Shraddhamrita Chaitanya to tour Australia in May, June and July 2017.

Brahmachari Shraddhamrita Chaitanya first met AMMA in 1989 and has been living at Amma’s ashram in Kerala, India since 1993. He received Brahmacharya initiation (the equivalent of becoming a monk) from AMMA in 1997. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and had worked for two years in the software industry before joining Amma’s ashram. He has been actively involved in coordinating scientific research and social welfare projects in Amrita University (Amma’s University in India).

He had toured Europe conducting satsangs, retreats, meditation sessions and question-answer sessions. He is currently the national coordinator of the IAM Technique meditation groups in India.
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