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Kids Breakfast Club Melbourne

Kids Breakfast Club Melbourne - Amma Australia

The Kids Breakfast Cub is a beneficial relief project inspired by the world-renowned humanitarian and visionary Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (also known as Amma). It is administered by MA Centre (Aust) Foundation and funded by Amrita Australia Limited. Amrita Australia’s mission as a public benevolent institution is to provide benevolent relief to persons, within Australia and overseas who are unable to care for themselves and who suffer from poverty, sickness, destitution and helplessness.

In July 2015 the M. A. Centre (Aust) Foundation initiated a Breakfast Club Program for schools neighbouring the Foundation’s Centre in Carrum Downs, Victoria. In early 2016, working closely with our local MP’s office to identify those schools in most need, the Foundation was able to add three new schools to the existing five that already have breakfast provided to.

How is it run?

There are currently eight schools participating in the Breakfast Club. The schools run the breakfast program 2 – 5 times a week depending on their respective needs and approx. 300 primary school students can now have a healthy meal to start their day at school.

How has it been received?

The Breakfast Club has been well received by the community. This project is only possible with the help of volunteers (including school staff and parents).

The breakfast program has a range of impact on students – including better health, educational and social benefits. With a proper breakfast to start the day, in addition to proper nutrition, they can better concentrate in class and have a much better learning experience.

Want to be part of this project?

Should you wish to be part of this project, we would love you hear from you. Contact Yashwin Mahadea on

How else can I support this program?

If you wish to help support the Breakfast Club program, donations can be made at this link: donate to Breakfast Club (choose Melbourne Kids Breakfast Club from the dropdown menu options).





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