Swami Ramakrishnanada Puri - Senior Disciple of Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi  
Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri in Australia - Sept 2010

Swami RamakrishnaSwami Ramakrishnananda Puri, one of Amma’s senior disciples, visited Australia in September

With characteristic wit and lively examples Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri has a wonderful way of sharing his experiences and profound spiritual insights, gleaned from nearly three decades spent as a disciple of Amma.

Swami Ramakrishnananda met Amma in 1978 and soon after came to live at Amma’s ashram. He has been travelling around the globe with Amma since her first world tour in 1987.

Currently, he spends most of his time visiting Amma's ashrams and centres around the world; leading retreats, giving discourses, teaching yoga and meditation classes and organising the many disaster relief and charitable activities of the organisation.

Swami Ramakrishnananda is a warm and inspiring presenter who has dedicated his life to sharing Amma’s message of love and service to humanity.

Program Updates & Photos

Byron Bay - 3 & 4 September

For many of Amma's devotees who live in 'the world,' September can be a somewhat sad time of year. Caught up with our various day-to-day responsibilities, many of us are unable to jump on a plane and fly to India to spend September 27, our beloved Amma's birthday, in Her holy presence.

Out of Her compassion for our 'birthday blues', Amma sent Swami Ramakrishna to visit the Byron Bay Satsang group for a two day program, less than four months after She had left our shores. On Friday, September 2, a quaint country hall outside Byron Bay was packed with more than 85 devotees and friends from the Byron Bay, Brisbane and Gold Coast Satsang groups.

With characteristic wit and lively examples, Swami Ramakrishna gave a Satsang, sharing his experiences and profound spiritual insights gleaned from nearly three decades spent as a disciple of Amma. The spiritual talk was followed by devotional singing lead by Swami and a guided meditation.

The next morning, the devotees gathered at the home of a long-time devotee in the rolling green hills outside Byron Bay. Swami arrived and led everyone assembled in a Puja for peace, chanting the 108 Names of the Divine Mother. Bhajans and a group meditation followed.

Swami then took questions, which covered a myriad of topics, including dealing with problems, having faith and the laws of karma. After everyone's questions had been answered, a picnic lunch followed outside on the lawn, where the devotees shared their gratitude to Amma for sending one of Her Swamis once again to Byron Bay. (By Lasita).

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Perth - 11 & 12 September

Photos of the Grahadosha Nivarana Puja conducted by Swami Ramakrishnananda followed by Sivalinga Puja in the ocean.
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Melbourne - 13 to 20 September, 26 September

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Sydney - 24 & 25 September

Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri in Sydney 2010Dear Friends,

It was truly a great joy to have Swami Ramakrishna back in Sydney to celebrate our beloved Amma’s birthday. Swamiji conducted two programs. The first program was in Greenwich at Kanaka’s and Kailas’s place. Amma had blessed the house with a visit after the Devi Bhava program in April this year. 

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Around seventy devotees attended the program in what was an intimate setting.  Swamiji gave an inspiring talk emphasizing the need for inner transformation. He told a joke to illustrate this point.

It was about a man who goes to a bar to order a whiskey and drinks half the whiskey and then throws the other half in the barman’s face.  Despite the barman complaining, the man ignores him and orders another whisky. He then repeats the process of drinking half and throwing the other half in the barman’s face.  The barman becomes very angry and when he finally gets the man’s attention he begs his forgiveness, saying that he feels quite ashamed but cannot help himself.  The barman, feeling some compassion, tells the man that he knows a good psychiatrist who can definitely help him with this problem.  He writes down the contact details and the man assures the barman that he will definitely follow his advice and seek a cure.

Some months later the same man comes back to the bar and orders a whiskey. The barman is very curious to see the man’s response. He drinks half the whiskey then throws the other half into the barman’s face. The barman is shocked and says: ‘didn’t you go to see the psychiatrist?’ The man explained that he had and that the psychiatrist had helped him so much. Now he didn’t feel bad about himself whenever he threw the whiskey into someone’s face.  This was certainly not the type of inner transformation that Amma wants. 

Swamiji also related how husbands want their wives to become like Sita, but do not themselves want to become Rama, i.e. they prefer to remain in ignorance while expecting their partners to become what they want them to be , again emphasizing the point that transformation must be inner.

The bhajans were uplifting and created a deep spiritual atmosphere in the room. Members from Amma’s AYUDH youth group sang an inspiring song entitled ‘Wings of a dove’.   Then Swamiji lead the Ma Om meditation followed by Arati.

A delicious vegetarian meal was served. Swamiji was very giving of his time staying late into the night allowing devotees to have their questions answered.

mma's Birthday Celebrations in Sydney 2010

On the Saturday evening Amma’s birthday was celebrated by 100 devotees at the Subud Hall in Newtown.  Swamiji began the program with Amma’s 108 names.  Talks were given by two devotees relating their experiences with Amma, and on how Amma, through Her presence had created inspiration in their lives. Swamiji then related some of his experiences with Amma and how that had transformed his life. Swamiji spoke about how only a Mahatma like Amma can create that inner transformation in the devotee, and how one had to be receptive for that to take place.

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At the conclusion of Arati, we were treated to an Indian dance performance which was very warmly received. Swamiji then served everyone present with Prasad in the form of a birthday cake. He also served all the devotees dinner.  Many of the devotees stayed on to help clean up and pack away of all the gear.  Swamiji stayed right until the end of the cleanup which encouraged everyone to continue their seva.

The evening was such an uplifting experience for all. There was a feeling of being recharged and reconnected with Amma that filled all our hearts.

Om Amriteshvaryai Namah



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