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ammaA Personal Journey with Water

I don’t know about you, but I have been on a very personal journey with water since we moved on to Step 2 in our Amma GreenFriends Living Consciously Project - Preservation and Conservation of Water.

We have been surrounded by Water (literally) for months now.  It’s had a massive effect on us all (I am sure), and even though we have not been in a flood zone ourselves through internet and television footage, through hearing stories and knowing people effected by the flooding it has really been brought home to me the immense power of water and the ability of it to destroy in a moment. 

Click here for an update and photos from the floods in Brisbane >

It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that we cannot separate ourselves from the need to revere nature in all its forms and help bring back the balance that is so desperately needed on this planet. 

I have been re-exploring the water crystal work of Masaru Emoto and remembering the vital role water plays in our bodies.  The crystal work shows how water reacts according to exposure to different sounds.  From his experiments Emoto shows us that water even reacts to different words written on paper taped to the outside of vessels holding it. It shows that water, in effect, is an information warehouse and actually holds memory. This emphasises to me the importance of thinking and saying kind words or the importance of prayer for the beneficial health of water and for our own bodies seeing as we are made up of at least 60% water.

I have found that to celebrate water is to notice it; take pleasure in it and to honour it. The sounds it makes, its smell, its texture, its temperature.  When we start to become aware of waters gifts it’s easier to bring our attention to the water we use in everyday life and create rituals for those uses.  For example: we all shower frequently in water.  Why not pause just before turning on the tap and give thanks for the gift that cleanses and refreshes and renews not only the body but also the mind and spirit.  Receiving the benefits of water can in and of itself be our intention as we go through the day.  As we drink we can be mindful as we sip. In our mind’s eye seeing the fluid hydrating and replenishing our cells. Maybe we can carry an atomiser and when feeling stressed, hot or upset we can take a moment to spray the air just above our heads and lift our faces to receive the droplets of water and in doing so be giving a self-administered blessing to our body and spirit.  And those around you will also be thankful!

Conserving water and creating systems to heal and clean it, I have realised, are actually practical prayers. In bringing my attention more greatly to the sacredness of water I find it much easier to remember to conserve and preserve water.  

We have had plans to hold a Sacred Water ritual and also to help clean up a local creek.  All were put on hold during the rains and now we will wait until after Br Shantamrita’s retreat at Tyalgum. He will base this retreat on the need for us to find balance in Nature and the homa he will perform will be about helping a new cycle to start in Nature. I hope you can make it for the weekend.  

I have found myself at the beach a lot recently. Spending time silently watching and feeling the water.  Last weekend the swell was huge and waves were crashing over the rocks with such strength. Just as the spray started falling it hit light prisms and there were rainbows being created all over the place. It was magical and brought a huge rush of love into my heart. 

More than ever now, I cannot help but hold Water’s magnitude in reverence. Its ability to cleanse, its ability to bring pleasure, it’s ability to destroy, its ability to nurture and nourish, its ability to make beautiful, its ability to give and take away life.  I am in awe more and more each day.

Let us let sacred water be our guide and teacher, to help us flow through life with ease of a river, with strength of a waterfall, and with the abundance of an ocean.

Here’s a little u tube presentation about the water crystals. Enjoy!

If you also have any personal stories you would like to share with us about water please send them in and we will paste them up online.

With love

“We should not exploit nature for serving our immediate ends. We should embrace a broad vision which respects the needs and aspirations of the future generations”             Amma

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Sydney: 27th December 4pm - Eco meditation and picnic.
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“Nature is nothing but Gods visible form, which we can see and experience through our senses.  Indeed, by loving and serving Mother Nature, we are worshipping God directly”.  AMMA   Embracing the World

“The earth, plants and animals are all manifestations of God. We should love them as our own self”



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