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Tulasi - Sacred Basil Workshop Write Up & Photos (Nov 2010)

Sacred Basil - Tulasi, TulsiIn the name of Tulasi...Om Tulasiyai Namah

It was the third meeting of GreenFriends since the inception of our Living Consciously Project and the final event of Step One- Developing Reverence for Nature ...Tulasi"s day !!!!!

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Amid rolling hills and steady rainfall the group of GreenFriends met on Michele's balcony.
An altar with an adorned tulasi plant awaited us, prepared for a tulasi puja (sacred ritual).
Tulasi is worshipped in India as a form of Devi, the Goddess. The flower, leaf and stick of tulasi are revered for the ability to remove disease, sadness and suffering. Amma says "Tulasi leaves are highly medicinal” and in ancient India, part of the daily practice was to water the Tulasi every morning for Her blessings, bowing down with reverence and devotion, worshipping Her as an embodiment of the Goddess. “We must revive such practices in order to regain the lost harmony of our lives", Amma says , "The aim of devotion is to develop love for everyone ".

So together, taking it in turns to circle tulasi we  performed our tulasi arati , watering tulasi ,chanting her name and adorning her with beautiful carnation petals. Feeling full of the sacred we went on to all plant hundreds of tiny tulasi seeds in pots.

News from the GreenFriends growers is happy tulasi babies are alive and growing daily!

Following our big planting we enjoyed a delicious lunch; with delicacies such as sopote with coconut cream and agave syrup washed down with a delightful tulasi tea to ensure radiant health for all!

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The Tulasi revering day was a great success. New friends were made and old friends loved catching -up with each other again. We thank Michele for her kind and caring hospitality hosting GreenFriends in her lovely home.

As I drove away from this simple, sweet, sacred event my heart felt so grateful to Amma and GreenFriends. Click here to view Photos from the day >

Our next GF, gathering is around Water Preservation and Conservation

Lovely events are in the planning!!! See you all soon and bring a friend.
Shelagh Rose.

“Loving and serving everyone equally beholding divinity in everything is true devotion”...Amma.


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“Nature is nothing but Gods visible form, which we can see and experience through our senses.  Indeed, by loving and serving Mother Nature, we are worshipping God directly”.  AMMA   Embracing the World

“The earth, plants and animals are all manifestations of God. We should love them as our own self”



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