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3. Develop Reverence for Plants

Tree Planting, GreenFriends and AYUDH - Melbourne July 2012

Tree Planting Melbourne 2012Melbourne GreenFriends and Ammas Youth (AYUDH) met for the annual Tree Planting in South Gippsland Victoria July 2012. This year we revisited the farm of Daryl and Margaret Hook, a farm we stopped at last year planting over 600 indigenous seedlings. 

Daryl, a member of the South Gippsland Land care group and his wife Margaret, have a 300 acre cattle farm and embrace many sustainable farming methods.  For the past 21 years farmer Daryl and his family have planted 5000 trees per year, that’s over 100,000 indigenous trees shrubs and grasses,  planted out as habitat for native wildlife and wind screening for his pasture lands and livestock. 

Daryl also uses an all organic compost tea spray for his paddocks to enrich the soils and do away with the need for any chemical fertilisers. 

When you drive in to The Hooks property you are hedged in with native tea tree and shrubbery and then arrive at a large lake and swamp land thick with greenery and teaming with life, you would hardly know it was a farm at all.  The house itself sits only metres from the lake looking out over the beautiful native wildlife and habitat.  Twenty one years ago, before the hooks arrived, only 2 gum trees stood on bare paddocks.  What the Hooks have achieved over just 20 years is truly inspirational and a great bench mark for us all. 

Tree Planting

This year we planted over 1200 trees for the day, Daryl assures us that next year with better organisation we should be able to aim for 2000! We all met at the Australian Ashram and 10 strong drove the hour and a half into the Victorian country side.  Daryl and Margaret greeted us and after a brief introduction, gumboots on and tree planters in hand we seated ourselves on the back of a tracker towed trailer and headed off through the mud. Once at the destination we paired up and soon got the hang of it and had a great time. For lunch Margaret severed up a hearty vegetarian soup and with energy restored we soon got back to work to complete the plantings before the trip home. 

For many in the group it was their first experience of Australian country side and tree planting, so it was a great introduction.  For all of us it was a fun and satisfying day and showing just how simple it is to put back the bush and breathe new life into the earth.

AYUDH and GreenFriends Tree Planting Day, July 2012

If you would like to be involved in future Tree planting Events in Melbourne please contact Benita, Melbourne GreenFriends 0411 234 826

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“Nature is nothing but Gods visible form, which we can see and experience through our senses.  Indeed, by loving and serving Mother Nature, we are worshipping God directly”.  AMMA   Embracing the World

“The earth, plants and animals are all manifestations of God. We should love them as our own self”



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