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"Belonging to the Land" update from 23rd Nov 2010

A glimpse of Aboriginal culture seen through the eyes of traditional Aboriginal Artists


As part of Ammas GreenFriends- Living Consciously Environmental Awareness campaign and the theme Developing Reverence for Nature we experienced a day learning about Aboriginal Culture on Saturday 23rd November 2010.  Through the extensive collection of traditional Aboriginal art works from all over Australia we learned of a reverence and connection to the land and saw a glimpse into aboriginal culture.

A guided tour of the gallery and connecting Park lands was led by Aboriginal Artist Collin Mckinnon - and helped us see the world through the eyes the world’s most ancient culture and original caretakers of this land. The focus of his discussions was on Belonging to the Land.  This was followed by the regular Saturday afternoon entertainment at the Gallery of Didgeridoo playing and boomerang throwing!

Collin Mckinnon takes his knowledge direct from the Aboriginal Elders of his community and his extensive experience with Aboriginal peoples from all over Australia.

Mia Mia Art gallery is100% aboriginal Owned and is committed to returning revenue back to aboriginal communities from where they are sourced. The Gallery and Cafe are located in the beautiful Westerfolds Park, is surrounded by beautiful native parklands, children’s play areas.


Contact Darshana: 0411 234 826 or email

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